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When will the next episodes of the Naruto and Boruto anime come out?

Those release dates are stealthier than any ninja we've seen.

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Anime fans have been so excited for the past year at the news that we were getting more Naruto episodes to celebrate the anime’s 20th anniversary. A set of four episodes were set to be released by anime studio Pierrot in September 2023 but were pulled suddenly just before that date. So when will the next episodes of Naruto finally be released?

The unfortunate answer is that we still don’t know. The Naruto 20th anniversary episodes were pulled suddenly so that the studio could “raise its quality” with assurances that a new release date would be announced later in 2023. However, 2023 came and went and we still don’t know when these mysterious new Naruto episodes will come out.

At this point, the Naruto 20th anniversary episodes have passed into the realm of mystery for anime fans. How bad were they? Why were they pulled so close to their release date? Will we ever get to see them? We simply don’t know that yet.

What about the sequel anime, Boruto? When will new Boruto episodes be released? Again, we don’t know. The Boruto anime went on hiatus in March 2023 to allow the manga, which had gone on a break, to restart and build a buffer before they started animating it again. However, that was more than a year ago at this point and no new episodes of Boruto have been announced.

One theory is that Pierrot is focusing its energy on the revived Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War anime and we won’t get more episodes of either Naruto or Boruto until that anime is finished. In the absence of any official word from the studio, we can only guess right now.

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