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Netflix announces spooky panels for NYCC, with Wednesday, The Midnight Club, and more

October is a haunted month at the best of times, and Netflix has New York Comic Con plans to make that even more so

Image credit: Netflix

Netflix is on its way to New York Comic Con, with four panels emphasizing just how many things can go bump in the night when you’re streaming at home — and some fan-favorite talent along for the ride, as well.

The biggest panel from the streaming giant across the weekend is likely Saturday night’s Wednesday panel on the Empire Stage, teasing the Addams Family reboot from former Smallville showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Starring Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie and Luis Guzmán, the show is one of the most eagerly anticipated debuts on Netflix this fall, making the 7:45 panel even more of a hot ticket — and that’s before we even talk about the company’s tease that Thing might show up. (We can only hope.)

That’s only one of three Saturday panels for Netflix, though; additionally, there’s a panel for Manifest, the airliner mystery show that jumps to Netflix for its fourth and final season in November after an unceremonious — and unpopular — cancellation by NBC in 2021. What did actually happen to Montego Air Flight 828 during its spooky disappearance? We’re not saying that the cast is going to spill all the beans in Room 401, but it’s not impossible that a couple of extra beans might be revealed.

In the same room later that evening, Wendell & Wild takes over the stage. A new feature from Henry Selick (Coraline), the movie — co-written by Selick and executive producer Jordan Peele, with Peele co-starring alongside Keegan-Michael Key as the voices of the title characters — sees a young orphan dealing with her demons, but that last part is meant literally. What else did you think Wendell and Wild were…? Selick is going to be on the panel, bringing with him an exclusive look at the movie in advance of its October 28 debut on Netflix proper.

Is that enough creepy for you? No? Good thing that The Midnight Club is around, then. Mike Flanagan’s new show — an adaptation of the Christopher Pike novel of the same name — centers around a bunch of hospice patients who meet at midnight to share spooky stories. Admittedly, the Thursday panel isn’t at midnight (it’s at 7pm, instead), but it’ll feature the cast of the series, as well as executive producers Flanagan, Trevor Macy, and Leah Fong.

All of this will be happening at the Javits Center between October 6 and 9, along with all of the other New York Comic Con shenanigans, some of which will be less scary than all of this… we hope.

If you’re thinking that you might need a guide to keep track of all of this, good luck: we made one for you, and we also made a list of some good places to eat while you’re visiting, as well. (Why, yes, of course Popverse will be at the show, reporting and streaming live as everything happens. Where else would we be?