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If you liked Saltburn, then Netflix's upcoming stylish queer thriller may be for you

It's Andrew Scott's turn.

Ripley series (Netflix)
Image credit: Netflix/Showtime

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Netflix has shared the first trailer for the Showtime-produced Ripley series, a new take on Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley character that feels a bit like Saltburn (or did Saltburn feel like Tom Ripley?).

The limited series moved from Showtime to Netflix in early 2023, and news on that front have been scarce for almost a full year, with post-production moving forward silently. Chances are it's been sitting completed for a while now, with Netflix trying to figure out a perfect slot in their busy release schedule.

The trailer (more of a teaser) was shared yesterday, January 22, on the streamer's social channels and YouTube. You can watch it below:

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Directed and written by Steven Zaillian, who penned Martin Scorsese's The Irishman (2019), the series follows Andrew Scott (Sherlock) as Ripley, a grifter that's scraping by and begins a relationship with a wealthy man traveling in Italy. Of course, deceit and drama follows.

Tonally, it's looking quite different from Emerald Fennell's recent hit Saltburn (available on Prime Video), but the psychological thriller vibes and similar themes are there, so maybe Saltburn's moment in the cultural conversation inspired Netflix to decide that now was the perfect time to drop the series.

On top of Scott, the cast includes Johnny Flynn (The Lovers), Dakota Fanning (The Alienist), and Pasquale Esposito (Hotel Portofino), among others. The limited series is dropping all eight episodes on Netflix on April 4.

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