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A hoard of books based on Netflix's Wednesday will be haunting bookstores this summer

Anything that gets young people excited to read is a solid move.

I Am Wednesday Little Golden Book Cover
Image credit: Penguin Random House

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While they have become most famous for their antics in film and TV, The Addams Family started life in print form as Charles Addams’ comic strip creations. Now, thanks to a deal between Penguin Random House and Amazon MGM Studios, the creepy and kooky family will return to print this summer in a series of books for all ages to celebrate the success of the Wednesday series on Netflix.

While The Addams Family has never completely left the world of print, this is one of the property’s most focused efforts in the medium for a while. Starting in July, fans will find multiple Wednesday-themed print products, including a coloring book, an I Am Wednesday Little Golden book, a Nightshade Society journal, a young adult novelization of the Wednesday TV series, and – most excitingly – a Wednesday cookbook.

It’s the mixture of books on the slate that are the most interesting. The coloring book and Little Golden book are both designed to get kids reading and Wednesday, with her fiercely independent nature and acerbic wit, is a great fictional role model for young people to have. Anything that allows a new generation of sarcastic little goths to find their way is a good thing in our eyes.

We’re also eager to see what will be included in the Wednesday cookbook. We imagine Lurch has some great pointers for tea cakes and Fester could make an absolutely deadly curry. Themed cookbooks can be hit or miss, depending on how much the writers lean into the source material, but there is a lot of fun to be hand with an Addams Family cookbook.

Everything kicks off on July 2, 2024 when the Wednesday coloring book and the Little Golden Book hit shelves, followed by the Nightshade Society journal in August and the Wednesday season one novelization and cookbook out in September.

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