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Hilda is dropping its final season on Netflix next month

One last adventure (and a special episode) just in time for Christmas.

Hilda and her friends
Image credit: Netflix

One of Netflix's best animated series, the Bella Ramsey-led Hilda, is finishing its run next month with a third season and a 70-minute special episode.

The show will drop its final batch of episodes on December 7. This follows the release of the movie Hilda and the Mountain King in 2021; that longer-than-usual entry in Hilda's TV story served as a setup for the third and last season planned by the streamer. While Netflix hasn't shared a proper trailer for season 3 yet, here's a clip that was released a few weeks ago:

Cover image for YouTube video

The animated show is based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Luke Pearson. It follows the adventures of Hilda, an 11-year-old blue-haired girl who, alongside her mother Johanna and her deerfox Twig, moves to the city of Trolberg after their house in the outskirts of a forest is destroyed by a giant. Despite moving away from the wild and into the big city, Hilda still manages to befriend monsters and get into trouble. While it was envisioned as a children's TV series, Hilda is one of those shows charming and well-made enough to capture the attention (and imagination) of much older viewers.

Here's the synopsis for season 3 straight from Netflix (spoilers below, of course):

Hilda returns, eager to escape the bustling city of Trolberg for a refresh. She embarks on a train with Mum, Frida, David and of course her bold sense of adventure. In Tofoten, Hilda is encouraged to lean into the soft living of this sleepy town by her quirky Great Aunt Astrid – walks by the river, delicious baking, local shopping. But this quiet lifestyle is quickly interrupted when Hilda gets a whiff of something mysterious nearby: a Fairy Mound! Her curiosity leads to more than just an adventure and a new creature-y friend… But to an eerie landscape where danger lurks in the shadows. The third season will uncover truths never explored before in the series!

And here you can see the cute and epic poster for the final season in all its glory:

Hilda season 3 poster
Image credit: Netflix

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