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Marvel's newest LGBTQIA+ hero Nightshade is getting her own solo comic this year

Nightshade's latest comic was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2023, but just who is the newest person to take on that name, and are they a villain?

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From Spider-Man to Captain America to Black Panther and beyond, Marvel is chock-full of characters that pass on their heroes codenames to other owners. Now, an ex-villain is passing on their name, and the Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con 2023 has the scoop. Watch out, True Believers; Marvel's Voices: Nightshade #71 is headed to Marvel Unlimited this fall.

The comic is the beginning of an all new arc, despite what the numbering would suggest, and is coming from an all-star team. Nubia & the Amazons's Stephanie Williams will be writing the book, The Pride's Héctor Barros is on art, and Wakanda's Andrew Dalhouse is coloring it.

The star of the series, Logan Lewis, is the second user of the Nightshade name. Her aunt, the original Nightshade, began her Marvel career as a Captain America supervillain before turning toward the side of the angels, eventually even becoming an official Avenger. And despite taking on the name, Logan will be one of the good guys right out of the gate.

Now, Marvel's Voices: Nightshade #71 is the beginning of the first series starring this character, but it's not her introduction to comics. As IGN reported last month, the new Nightshade actually debuted in Marvel's Voices 2023 Pride anthology, in a short story also written by Williams and drawn by Barros.

"Logan isn’t mutant or inhuman," writer Williams said about the character. "She gains her powers as a direct result of her own actions. Logan can control her body’s chemistry. An ability she’ll have to continue mastering as her powers can evolve [...] she has super strength and can heat and freeze things rapidly under her touch."

We're looking forward to seeing the charater's powers (and her journey as a hero) evolve, but as of this writing, we don't know exactly when that evolution begins. Marvel's Voices: Nightshade #7 has no release date, debuting, according to Women of Marvel, sometime in the fall of 2023.

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