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NYCC: Marvel Comics announces Fall of X event

Marvel announces Fall of X, a summer 2023 publishing event that will rock Marvel's mutants to their core

Fall of X
Image credit: Marvel Comics

New York City Comic-Con is currently on day three, and that means surprise announcements, breaking news, and fandom fun. While speaking at the Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing panel, editor Nick Lowe teased some upcoming events in Marvel’s publishing slate, which included an X-Men event called Fall of X. Dropping in summer 2023, the event will challenge Marvel’s mutants like never before.

A teaser on says ‘The X-Men hoped Krakoa would last forever. Time to find out if they were right.’ The mutant island Krakoa has been tied with resurrection and mutants being immortal, something which is currently being challenged in the AXE: Judgement Day event. Could the fall of Krakoa mean the end of immortality for mutants?

The event will tie-in with the Hellfire Gala. “Usually something completely insane happens there,” editor Nick Lowe teased. “This year we learned that the mutants are immortal because of what’s going on. So if you know that next summer there’s something called Fall of X, and you know that there’s a Hellfire Gala the week before, you’d better show up. This is huge.”

Lowe said that X-Men writer Gerry Duggan wasn’t allowed to say anything about it, but invited him to give a tease. “The X-Men have been winning for a long time. How long did you think the villains were going to leave them alone,” writer Gerry Duggan cryptically said. Duggan said the fallout from Sins of Sinister event will also play into it. Keep your eyes pealed to Popverse for more updates as New York City Comic-Con continues.

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