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One Piece anime episode delayed, but Crunchyroll will make it up to US fans

The new episode will debut this weekend, as part of a large bounty of One Piece in September

One Piece Episode 1074
Image credit: Crunchyroll

One Piece fans waiting to see the outcome of the fight between Luffy and Kaido on the latest installment of the anime series might have been surprised when episode 1074 was unexpectedly replaced by a recap earlier this week. As anticipation grows for the series’ live-action adaptation on Netflix, when can fans expect to see the next animated episode?

That question, at least, is easy to answer: One Piece episode 1074 is officially scheduled for a September 3 debut in Japan, with a teaser already available for the episode, titled “I Trust Momo! Luffy’s Final Powerful Technique!” (Anyone who doesn’t want to see Luffy’s “full-hearted, full-power punch, back by his friends’ determination and expectations” is deluding themselves, is all I can say.)

That means that Crunchyroll fans in the U.S. will be able to see a subtitled version of the episode this weekend as well. (The episode will be added to the service late September 2 in the US, thanks to the magic of time zones.)

The reason for the delay is somewhat nebulous, with different explanations being offered: it’s been reported that the episode was held back to allow the Netflix show’s debut on August 31 to be the primary focus of the week for One Piece fans, and it’s also been reported that the episode was delayed for a week to ensure that the climax of the Luffy/Kaido fight was of high enough quality to meet (and exceed!) fan expectations. Whatever the reason, the wait is almost over — and between this, the Netflix show’s debut, and Crunchyroll adding English language dubs of season 14 episodes in mid-September, it’s beginning to look as if September is going to be a very, very busy month for One Piece fans.

New episodes of the animated One Piece can be watched in the U.S. on Crunchyroll within hours of their Japanese airing… even if those episodes might be surprisingly delayed for mysterious reasons.

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