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Oni Press confirmed to exhibit at Emerald City Comic Con after SDCC cancellation, layoffs, staff exits

The beginning of a new era for Oni Press?

Oni Press booth at the 2021 Emerald City Comic Con
Image credit: Oni Press

Popverse has confirmed that Oni Press' first major public event since very public layoffs, staff departures, and an obscenity lawsuit will be at this month's Emerald City Comic Con.

(Emerald City Comic Con is owned by ReedPop, the owners of Popverse.)

Oni Press is currently scheduled to be at booth #1502 at Emerald City Comic Con, which is in many ways the Portland publisher's 'home' comic convention.

Emerald City Comic Con’s organizers have relayed to Popverse that Oni Press has said they remain committed to attending ECCC. Oni Press was unable to be reached for comment on this story, however Popverse has confirmed that the company's director of operations Brad Rooks - who heads up Oni's convention appearance - remains with the company.

A source inside Oni Press was, however, able to confirm that, internally, the company is moving forward with the plan to be at Emerald City Comic Con.

Like the 2021 convention, the 2022 ECCC Oni Press booth is located on in the Skybridge area of the Seattle Convention Center - a prized location for exhibitors.

While the publisher does plan to exhibit at Emerald City Comic Con, the company currently has no panels listed on the convention's website.

Oni is listed as a sponsor of the subsequent Rose City Comic Con September 9 - 11 in Portland, but Popverse has been unable to confirm specific plans the company has for the event.

Oni Press originally planned to be a major part of the recent Comic-Con International: San Diego, celebrating its 25th anniversary with a marquee booth on the floor, several panels, and several additional closed-door events for press, creators, and colleagues. Following the sudden layoffs of executives James Lucas Jones and Charlie Chu in late June however, Oni Press backed out of SDCC completely.

Following the second round of layoffs in mid July, Oni Press released a statement speaking of "evolving the company and the brand," with an unspecified "new framework" being developed for the company."

Stay tuned to Popverse for more on this ongoing Oni Press story.

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