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Did Lucius survive his demise on Our Flag Means Death? Nathan Foad & his castmates share their theories

The Our Flag Means Death cast share their theories on how Lucius Springs could have survived

Nathan Foad as Lucius on Our Flag Means Death
Image credit: HBO Max

A pirate’s life is a deadly life. Just ask Lucius Spriggs, Captain Stede’s diligent record keeper and one of the most delightful parts of Our Flag Means Death. Unfortunately, Lucius ran into some problems during the season one finale of Max’s pirate comedy. During an emotional outburst, Blackbeard threw Lucius overboard, seemingly leaving him to his death.

Or did he somehow find a way to survive?

During the show's panel at Florida Supercon, the cast of OFMD gave their theories about what happened to Lucius.

Nathan Foad, the actor who plays Lucius, likes to think that the character is alive and happy. “I do like the idea of him being taken in by a group of absolutely gorgeous mermen. Riding on their backs.”

“That’s a free fanart idea,” panel moderator and Popverse video producer Ashley Victoria Robinson said.

“Just gorgeous hunky merman, it’s just what he deserves,” Foad mused.

However, Foad’s co-stars didn’t share his optimism.

“I would just like to see him at the bottom of the sea. A beautiful corpse,” Kristian Nairn coldly said.

Con O’Neil was less diplomatic. “He’s dead. Sorry, not sorry.”

Alas poor Lucius, we’ll miss you. Of course, there is always a possibility that we’ll see him when Our Flag Means Death returns for season 2. Will Lucius rejoin the crew of the Revenge, or is he partying somewhere with gorgeous mermen? Whatever happens next, his diligent notetaking won’t be forgotten.

You can watch the full Our Flag Means Death panel from Florida Supercon right now.

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