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Rhys Darby says "you’re dreaming" if you think Our Flag Means Death's Stede and Blackbeard will have a happily ever after

"So death is going to come to their door at some point. They’ll have to deal with it."

Our Flag Means Death
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Our Flag Means Death's season 2 ended with a mostly happy ending for it's central romantic couple. Though they had lost a beloved friend, Ed and Stede decided to retire from their life of pirating to open an inn by the seaside. While Taika Waititi seems happy leaving the couple where they are, his co-star Rhys Darby doesn't think that happy ending will last.

In an interview with TV Insider's Meaghan Darwish, Rhys Darby said about the show's season 2 conclusion, "Well, obviously as it stands now, it’s very lovely and it’s a nice positive ending, which is lovely for Season 2. But in reality, if you think about the characters, even in the fictional world, they’re both outlaws, they’re pirates, and the British back then… they never gave up. They did track down all the pirates and either hang them or get rid of them. There was only a couple that got away, and it certainly wasn’t those two. So I think what they’re thinking is, yes, this is bliss, but both those characters must be thinking, this is not going to last because you’ve got to sleep with one eye open."

Though the couple may find temporary bliss in their season 2 happy ending, Darby points out that their environment will likely not keep them safe, "Even though they’re in the middle of nowhere, they’re still in an area where everyone knows what they are, so they’re going to be tracked down." At some point, Darby says, the fun will end. But what then?

When asked by Darwish whether or not Darby believes that the in-show Stede and Ed would be able to avoid the fate that found their real-life counterparts, Darby responded, "Yeah, no, I think you’re dreaming if you think they’re going to live happily ever after."

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