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Taika Waititi hints he may not return for potential Our Flag Means Death season 3

Our Flag Means Death: Taika Waititi thinks Stede and Blackbeard's story has come to a "natural end"

Still from teaser trailer featuring Blackbeard
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Our Flag Means Death fans know that showrunner David Jenkins is hoping for three seasons to wrap up the show's story. However, leading actor Taika Waititi has hinted, in a conversation with Consequence, that he thinks the central romance - that of Blackbeard and Stede - has found a "natural end" in season 2. He even hints that another option to continue the show would be to "survive without Rhys and I. Maybe, I don’t know. I do I think the character of Blackbeard is something I’m really proud of."

Now what does this mean for a potential Our Flag Means Death season 3? Well, we're not sure yet. If Waititi does decide the story is done, then perhaps the show will be cancelled without it's most recognizable name. Or, maybe the strong fanbase will encourage streaming service Max to give the show one last season to wrap up, even without one of it's leads (or two, if you go by Waititi saying "Rhys and I").

As for why Waititi feels like the story has come to an end, at least for the central characters, he points out a cinematic example of Rambo 3, to Consequence, “I don’t want it to feel like Rambo III suddenly, you know, when you’re like, ‘Oh man, they have to leave their idyllic life again.'”

So far, Our Flag Means Death has not gotten its season 3 renewal, so we can only wait and wonder. Speaking of waiting and wondering, here are our theories as to what might happen in season 3, if the show does return.

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