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Our Flag Means Death: Season 2 official trailer is live!

What is on the horizon for Stede and Blackbeard?

Still OFMD image of stede in the rain
Image credit: Max

There's not too much longer to wait. Neither for Our Flag Means Death season 2, which debuts with its first three episodes on October 5 or for the season 2 trailer, which has finally debuted.

Oh yes. The official Max Youtube page has released the long awaited Our Flag Means Death season 2 trailer, and you can watch it right here.

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Now that you've seen that trailer, maybe we can interest you in some of Popverse's OFMD coverage. If you want to check out more details about release dates and cast, we've got a season 2 guide. If you want to know who the OFMD cast thinks reads the most fanfiction, we've got some deets here. And, of course, we've got another video of highlights from C2E2's Our Flag Means Death panel below!

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