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Which Our Flag Means Death cast member reads the most fanfiction?

Accusations thrown! Speculation rampant!

Still image of Samba Schutte in OFMD
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We’re currently waiting for season 2 of Our Flag Means Death, but thanks to fanfiction, we can enjoy plenty of new and imaginative stories about the crew of the Revenge. Max’s pirate comedy has inspired fans to write a treasure trove of fanfiction, and rumor has it the cast has even read some of it. During a panel at this year's Florida Supercon, the topic of cast members reading fanfiction came up, with Nathan Foad using the opportunity to clear up a rumor.

“I want to address some slander that’s been going around in the online community,” Foad said. “I got tagged in something that our very own Samba Schutte has claimed that I am the most likely person out of the cast to read fanfiction about myself. And I am a chronic narcissist and I’m absolutely obsessed with myself; I’ve never actually read any of the fan fiction. I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s excellent, but that’s between you guys and God.”

Foad’s co-stars Con O’Neill and Kristian Nairn both pointed the finger to Samba Schutte, who wasn’t present at the convention. “I have a feeling that when Samba said that, he had his finger on the page of the fanfiction he was reading at the time,” O’Neill said. “It’s so more likely to be Samba. It’s so Samba,” Nairn replied.

“When you point the finger, you’ve got three pointing right back at you bitch. Love you Samba, if you’re watching,” Foad playfully said.

If Samba Schutte happens to read this article, then please leave a comment and let us know if your castmates are being truthful. If Schutte is not reading this article, then he’s probably reading some fanfiction.

Our Flag Means Death season 3 will be its last (if Max renews it)

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