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Owl House Shares the Love (and Six Minutes of New Footage!)

Dana Terrace and cast members from Owl House share stories and tease the ending of the beloved Disney+ show.

Owl House Season 3 Horiz
Image credit: Jim McDermott

Owl House may be ending with the first of its three final episodes debuting on Saturday, October 15th at 9pm, but its NYCC fan panel was all about the excitement and love. Show creator Dana Terrace and actors Sarah-Nicole Robles (Luz), Cissy Jones (Lilith), Alex Kirsch (King, Hooty), Zeno Robinson (Hunter) and Mae Whitman (Amity) all expressed the overwhelming feelings of gratitude the show had brought them. “It’s weird, this character is a part of you but it may not be super super close [to who you are] all the time,” said Parker. “But then see you guys get us, you feel very loved.”

“I honestly think it’s one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever been a part of,” Whitman agreed. “You guys have been so passionate and so understanding about what we were trying to do with these characters.” Whitman, who came out last year as pansexual, also expressed gratitude for what the show offers queer youth. “I think having a show like this when I was growing up would have been really cool…It’s really great for everyone to have that visibility and connection, to know how loved you are.”

Robinson praised Terrace for the depth of the writing, as well. “Hunter is such a rich character,” he told the audience. “You don’t get that a lot nowadays. He’s just been a great character to dig into.”

During the conversation, Kirsch—who wore a Hooty hand puppet he made himself—revealed that the character of Hooty was just a gag that he created for Terrace’s initial, temporary track of the show. “As a joke I did the world’s very worst Mickey Mouse impression. It’s like if Mickey had way too much sugar and we put him in a washing machine and spun him around. I was kind of messing with her. And she was like, ‘We’re keeping this.’ I come into the booth and there were like 70 lines for Hootie.” Terrace noted later if they had had more episodes she would have shown Hooty’s real origin story. “We do end up it hinting at in the finale,” she promised.

Of course the big question on everyone’s mind is how the show will tie up its story. Terrace thrilled the audience with an unexpected showing of the first six minutes of next Saturday’s premiere, which showed Luz and her Demon Realm friends who got trapped together on Earth at the end of season two moving in with Camilla and trying to figure out how to get back to the Boiling Isles. The audience was enormously entertained watching the Demon Realm characters adjusting to human life—Gus playing with bubble wrap; Willow and Amity freaking out at a ringing alarm clock. But the biggest reactions were for the teary reunion of Luz and Camilla, Luz coming out to her mother as bi, and a moment’s kiss between Luz and Amity in the rain.

Audience questions to the panel often ended up offering thanks to Terrace and the cast for the story and its representation., “Who did you sell your soul to to get so much bi stuff in?” one very young attendee asked during the Q&A (to much laughter and applause). Terrace laughed and replied, “I just bullied my way into doing it and then at some point they couldn’t stop me.”

A number of questions also led Terrace and Jones to offer some big teases. The visions the characters saw in Belos’ mind near the end of season two led one attendee to wonder whether there might not be some connection between him and Luz’s family. After a look from Terrace, Jones replied, “I’m going to ask you to tune to Disney+ next Saturday at 9pm.”

“Will Huntlow be canon?” another attendee asked. How does Camilla feel about Ida and the not-so-safe situations she’s let Luz be in, asked a third?

Again Jones jumped in eagerly: “I’m going to ask you to tune to Disney+ next Saturday at 9pm.”

The final season premiere of Owl House airs on Disney+ next Saturday at 9pm.

Watch some of the shared footage at the Owl House panel here.

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