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DC says they're going to kill Poison Ivy

Death has trouble sticking for most comic book characters.

Poison Ivy #24 cover
Image credit: DC Comics

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Comic books have always had an interesting relationship with death. Most of the time, death is more of a temporary hindrance, something that merely keeps a character out of print for a couple of months before they make their triumphant return. The result is dying becoming more of an interlude for characters rather than a true conclusion to their story, something that Poison Ivy is going to find out this summer.

Poison Ivy 24 variant cover
Image credit: DC Comics

In Poison Ivy #24, on sale on July 3, 2024, Dr. Pamela Isley will come face-to-face with the great beyond as the Floronic Man, who helped create her in the first place, unleashes a parasitic fungus to reanimate Ivy’s victims and turn them against her. With no other options, she expends the last of her blood and power to kill herself and her creator before he can wrest control of the fungus from her.

Even though death doesn’t mean much in comic books, it can be an effective moment for characters if it is used correctly. This issue looks to give Ivy a heroic end by allowing her to sacrifice herself for others. Considering her connection to The Green and all things natural in DC comics, we don’t believe for a second that this will be the last we see of Poison Ivy.

The story is written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Marcio Takara and a cover by Jessica Fong. Variant covers by David Nakayama and Frank Cho will also be available.

Poison Ivy #24 goes on sale July 3, 2024. To see all of what DC has planned for July 2024, check out Popverse’s guide to DC Comics July 2024 solicitations.

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