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Poll: Which Teen Titans do you want to see on the big screen?

There are a lot of teenage superheroes who have been part of DC's super-team, but which ones belong in movie theaters? Have your say.

Teen Titans
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When there’s danger, you know who to call… or… do you? It’s one thing to know that DC Studios has added a Teen Titans movie to its upcoming roster — and that it’ll be a live-action movie, written by Ana Nogueira, who’s also written Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow for the studio, but there’s a really obvious question that comes along with this news: which Teen Titans are going to be in the movie?

After all, the characters that come to mind immediately when someone says “Teen Titans” are what were originally called the New Teen Titans: Robin, Starfire, Raven, Changeling/Beast Boy, and Cyborg… but that’s the line-up from the 1980s relaunch of the team, not the original group. It’s also, not coincidentally, the line-up of the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! animated shows, which is what’s really built the group into the commercial powerhouse that it is today, and led to the first Teen Titans movie, 2018’s Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.

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But where does that leave OG Titans like Wonder Girl, Speedy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad? Or, for that matter, later comic book Titans like Impulse, Superboy, Blue Beetle, or even characters like Argent, Prysm, or Risk? There are literally decades of Teen Titans to choose from when it comes to the line-up for the live-action movie which is what made us want to ask the following:

Which Teen Titan do you want to see in the movie?

Yes, it’s a poll, which means there’s a catch: you can only choose one potential Titan to add to the list, and we’re going to update you all in one week — that’ll be Thursday, April 4 — with the five most popular choices… or, as we’re going to call them, the Teen Titans you want to see together on the big screen. So choose wisely, and hope that your other favorites also make the cut. And if you want more Teen Titans movie content, keep your eyes peeled for a conversation between Titans superfans Ashley Victoria Robinson and Graeme McMillan about… well, just how much both love the group.

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