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Poll: Who is your favorite actor from the Twilight Saga?

Vote below - we want to know!

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The Twilight Saga left a ginormous footprint on the world of fantasy romance movies, and we're still feeling it's impact on teen movies a whole 15 years - that's right, fifteen - later. Now that the first Twilight movie is near ready to pick up its drivers permit, we figured that it'd be the perfect time to revisit these movies and what we love about them: in this particular instance, the cast.

Yes, we're asking you to vote for who your favorite cast member is from the Twilight Saga, so many of whom have gone on to do really great things. Of course, since there are multiple movies in this series and a whole lot of actors in the Twilight Saga, we aren't able to include everyone in our poll options. So if your personal favorite isn't on our list or if you want to explain the reasoning behind your vote, leave a comment below to let us know.

Vote in our Twilight actor fan poll here:

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