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Popverse X 2000 AD: The Thrill-Cast fills up with Popverse writers in its new episode

Tiffany Babb and Graeme McMillan guest on the podcast series to talk 2000 AD, Dredd, and more

I Am The Law
Image credit: Rebellion/2000 AD

In case Popverse alone isn’t enough Popverse for you, the latest edition of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast features an unexpected double-bill of appearances by some names you might find just a little bit familiar. Think of it as part of Popverse's stealth plan to take over all of popular culture when you’re not paying attention.

Firstly, there’s the audio from the Best of 2000 AD panel from last year’s New York Comic Con, featuring Popverse staff writer Graeme McMillan (hi, that’s me, hello) and Popverse deputy editor Tiffany Babb alongside editor-in-chief of the Gutter Review (and Popverse freelancer) Chloe Maveal, Judge Dredd writer Arthur Wyatt, and Best of 2000 AD editor Owen Johnson — and then, as if that isn’t enough, regular Thrill-Cast host Michael Molcher is pushed into the role of interviewee as I ask him about the origins of his new book, I Am The Law: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future.

Was such a Popverse-takeover of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast intentional? Not on our parts, at least; the two different elements of this episode were recorded months apart, but we’re grateful for Molcher and the 2000 AD crew for putting them out together in this way. If nothing else, it’ll make the wait between episodes of Enter the Popverse that much easier to negotiate. (Mind you, at least during Enter the Popverse, you can’t see up my nose quite so easily…)

The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify, as well as on YouTube.

If you’re looking for more 2000 AD content here on Popverse, you’re in luck; just recently, we covered the success of the first volume of Best of 2000 AD, which outperformed expectations even on the publisher’s side.

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