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Comics are getting some Chemical X as a new run of Powerpuff Girls comics are on their way this July

We really need some sugar, spice, and everything nice right now

Powerpuff Girls screenshot
Image credit: Cartoon Network

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If there is one group of heroes you can trust not to let you down, it is the Powerpuff Girls. No matter what is going on, you can count on Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup to always have your back and to look adorable while doing it. Now, they’re taking their unique brand of superheroics back to the world of comics as an all-new Powerpuff Girls comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment launches this summer.

Powerpuff Girls cover art
Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment

The first issue of the latest run from Professor Utonium’s super-adorable superheroes is expected to be released in July 2024, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con. Current Birds of Prey writer for DC Kelly Thompson, whose previous work on Black Widow won her an Eisner Award, and Zodiac Starforce artist Paulina Ganucheau are coming together to bring us a fresh line of stories starring the Powerpuff Girls.

According to a statement from publisher Dynamite Entertainment, the series will take a page out of the animated show’s book and aim to appeal to both younger and older readers. New fans will love the stories about having fun saving the day while those of us who grew up with the Powerpuff Girls will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek, self-referential humor. As a bonus, each issue will be self-contained, with no need to follow long storylines across multiple issues.

While it will be hard not to hear the iconic theme song to the show every time we open up the Powerpuff Girls comic book, their bright colors and easily identifiable characters will make them a great fit in the format. Plus, both Thompson and Ganucheau seem to have a genuine affection for the characters and their world, which makes us feel like the trio is in good hands.

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