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Saw XI is coming September 2024, bringing back the franchise's annual release schedule

Another year, another gore-fest to feast our eyes upon

Screenshot from Saw X
Image credit: Lionsgate

If there has ever been a movie series that saturated the market, it was Saw. Between 2004 and 2010, they released a new Saw movie every Halloween, resulting in seven movies across seven years. The result was, bluntly, a healthy dose of viewer burnout, which sidelined the franchise until 2017’s Jigsaw. Following the success of Saw X in September 2023, though, Lionsgate is bringing back the annual tradition by giving us Saw XI in 2024.

We don’t currently have any other details about the next entry in the Saw franchise besides a release date. In a post on Instagram, Lionsgate revealed that Saw XI would release on September 9, 2024, giving the film plenty of time to earn its box office – and potentially be available to stream at home – ahead of the Halloween season.

Still, we’re left with many questions before we see Jigsaw in action again. Will Saw XI be a sequel to the original films, where Tobin Bell’s John Kramer has already died and has been replaced with one of his disciples? Or will it bring Kramer back for another midquel set between previous entries in the franchise?

The biggest question on every horror fan’s mind, though, might be whether or not Lionsgate will make the same mistake of rushing out far too many Saw movies too quickly. The longer gap between movies has given viewers a chance to breathe and for the franchise’s writers to strike a better balance between the gore the series is known for and the pathos that made the first movie so successful. Should we be worried about a new Saw quite so soon?

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