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Sex and the City is planning a Netflix arrival as Warner Bros. Discovery doubles down on licensing deals

Netflix is loving these pacts, of course.

Sex and the City
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Warner Bros. Discovery is, unsurprisingly, licensing out more hit TV shows to streaming services which aren't its own (Max), and Sex and the City is next in line.

Via Variety, details about the deal were released on January 24. Netflix has inked yet another licensing deal with Warner Bros. Discovery that includes all six seasons of the popular HBO dramedy, 94 episodes in total. A specific date hasn't been shared yet, but the show will land on Netflix in early April 2024.

While the deal isn't worldwide (no surprise there), it's been said that the United States won't be the only territory benefitting from the deal, which apparently includes certain European markets as well. And if you're a huge Sex and the City fan and were wondering about the two movies and the recent spinoff show And Just Like That, temper down your expectations, as they aren't part of this pact.

Sex and the City is just another entry in the long list of shows and movies that Warner Bros. Discovery has been putting up for sale in recent months. Today we also shared a report on Dune: Part One departing Netflix late next month after a temporal stay as part of WB Discovery's 'quick cash' strategy via licensing. There's a hunger for licensed content at some of the big streamers, such as Netflix or the Disney-owned Hulu, and competitors like WB Discovery are willing to lend out their vast libraries while trying to attract new subs to their own services. Whether all this shuffling of movies and shows will pay off in the long run remains to be seen.

Yesterday, we also discussed how Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox/NBC) will partially join Netflix next month. So far, these deals have been huge hits for Netflix, the company that remains king and on top of everyone trying to get a piece of the streaming cake. CEO Ted Sarandos recently said about this type of interactions with other studios the following: "I am thrilled that the studios are more open to licensing again, and I am thrilled to tell them we are open for business." Looking at the streamer's recent growth numbers despite widely criticized price hikes, it's hard to argue against their current moves in that space.

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