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Every twist, turn, and surprise cameo in the She-Hulk finale

Unpacking every cameo and plot twist from the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season finale

She-Hulk confronts Todd
Image credit: Marvel Studios

The season finale of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law just dropped on Disney+ and it was a minefield of twists and turns. Let’s break down all the cameos, big moments, and fourth wall breaking surprises from the episode “Whose Show Is This.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Who was behind Intelligencia?

Todd gammas up
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Throughout the season Jen has been plagued by a mysterious group of online trolls known as Intelligencia. Their leader was known by the username HulkKing, and before this episode his identity was a mystery. HulkKing has been pulling the strings since episode 3, sending the Wrecking Crew to try to steal Jen’s blood. HulkKing also sent a man named Josh Miller to seduce Jen, hack her phone, steal her blood, then break her heart by ghosting her.

When Jen’s colleague Pug infiltrated one of Intelligencia’s meetings, he learned that HulkKing was Todd Phelps. We first met Todd in the episode 'Is This Not Real Magic?' as one of Jen’s online dates. Todd displayed an unusual interest in Jen as a scientific specimen, causing her to end the date early. Since then he’s been lurking in the background, much to Jen’s discomfort.

After Jen stumbled onto the Intelligencia meeting, Todd revealed that he stole her blood so he could turn himself into a Hulk, feeling that he deserved the powers more than she did. Todd injected himself with Jen’s blood, and turned into a gamma-radiated monster.

An MCU rematch 14 years in the making

Hulk and Abomination rematch
Image credit: Marvel Studios

This episode also featured an MCU rematch 14 years in the making. It turns out that Emil Blonsky has been violating the terms of his parole, and transforming into Abomination for motivational speeches. Blonsky was booked as a guest-speaker for Intelligencia’s meeting, unaware of the group’s true nature. After Todd transformed into a gamma-radiated monster, Abomination grabbed Jen to protect her.

At that moment Hulk arrived on the scene. Banner saw his former enemy Abomination holding his cousin and got the wrong idea. Misunderstanding the situation, Hulk leapt into action and attacked Abomination. This was the first time the two had battled since the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. At the time Hulk was being played by Edward Norton, which means this is the first time Mark Ruffalo has clashed with Abomination.

She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall – literally

She-Hulks breaks into Disney+
Image credit: Marvel Studios

As the Intelligencia meeting descended into chaos, Jen grew frustrated that her season finale was a bit convoluted, so she decided to break the fourth wall. Throughout the series we’ve seen Jen turn to the camera to give meta-commentary, but the season finale took things to a whole new level as she busted out of her series, and swung across the Disney+ menu. Jen then traveled to the Marvel Studios offices, where she accosted the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law writers room for their story choices.

I’m not sure how many of the writers were played by themselves, but I spotted showrunner Jessica Gao and writer Cody Ziglar. If you look closely, you’ll also see some of the comics that inspired the series, including Dan Slott’s She-Hulk run. The writers tell Jen to take her grievances up with someone called Kevin, so she decides to do just that.

Before confronting Kevin, She-Hulk has to go through a Marvel Studios receptionist. According to an interview with Gao on, that was Matt Wilkie, the real Marvel Studios receptionist, playing himself. She-Hulk then meets Kevin, who isn’t Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, but is actually K.E.V.I.N., an advanced AI system. She-Hulk makes her case to K.E.V.I.N., saying that her finale needs a rewrite.

Jen has K.E.V.I.N. reverse Todd’s transformation, stating that the powers aren’t the villain, Todd is. She takes Hulk out of the final battle, because this is her story, and him showing up at the last minute to save the day is convoluted. Jen also requests that Emil Blonsky face accountability for his actions, then requests another guest appearance from Daredevil. “A woman has needs,” Jen says.

Did Daredevil show up again?

Daredevil returns to She-Hulk
Image credit: Marvel Studios

As Jen requested, Daredevil shows up again. After the Intelligencia members are arrested, Daredevil drops in (still wearing his yellow and red costume) ready to lend a hand. Jen tells him that everything is already taken care of, but that she’s happy to see him. Even Titania seems pleased to see Daredevil, waving to him excitedly.

Matt Murdock is later seen as a guest at the Walters family barbeque. Jen’s parents press him for details about how much money his law practice pulls in, hinting that they want grandchildren. Jen reminds her family that Matt is only in town for a week. Jen’s father tells Matt that he can’t stop the speculation, a line which almost seems to be meta-commentary on the reaction to their coupling.

Meet Skaar

Skaar comes to the MCU
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Hulk drops into the family barbeque, bringing a bombshell. For most of the season Hulk has been off-planet, traveling on a Sakaar spacecraft. Now we have a hint of what he’s been up to. Hulk introduces the Walters clan to his son Skaar. Hulk’s son has a similar appearance to his father. Skaar doesn’t have any lines, and the VFX might make him hard to recognize, but the end credits reveal he was played by Wil Deusner.

Comic book fans might recognize Deusner as Joey Zarick, son of the Wizard, from the DC Comics television series Stargirl. Marvel Studios probably wouldn’t have cast Deusner unless they had plans for Skaar past this finale, so it’s almost certain we’ll be seeing him again. In the comics Skaar is the result of Hulk’s romance with Caiera during the ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline.

Did the She-Hulk finale have a post-credits scene?

Wong shows up for the post-credits scene
Image credit: Marvel Studios

The She-Hulk season finale had a post-credits scene, and it featured another MCU cameo. Emil Blonsky is seen back in prison, since he broke his parole by transforming into Abomination again. A portal opens, and Wong steps out, apologizing for being late. That’s right, Wong is continuing his MCU cameo streak, and he made it just in time for the post-credits scene.

Wong offers Blonsky sanctuary at Kamar-Taj, a temple and training ground for those studying the mystic arts. Blonsky then departs with Wong, asking about the type of accommodations the temple has. Presumably Wong feels guilty about incriminating Blonsky by taking him to the fight club in the Shang-Chi film, or perhaps he feels a kinship with him. Either way, Wong has assisted in Blonsky’s escape, and is hiding him out at Kamar-Taj.

Will there be a She-Hulk season 2?

She-Hulk heads to court
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Was this the season finale for She-Hulk, or a series finale? Throughout the episode, references to a potential season 2 are made when She-Hulk confronts K.E.V.I.N., and during her argument with the writers room. Despite these references, as of today there is no official season 2 announcement. Some Disney+ shows like Ms. Marvel and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have continued their stories with movies rather than second seasons.

K.E.V.I.N. alludes to this when he tells She-Hulk he’ll see her on the big screen, but he immediately takes back the comment. For now, there is no official word on where we’ll see Jennifer Walters next. Either way, She-Hulk has had an unforgettable season, and she’s certainly left her mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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