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Skull Island season 2: Will Netflix ever take us back to Kong's home island?

The script is ready and waiting to be picked up.

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The MonsterVerse continues to grow on both the big and small screen. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters gave us a stellar live-action journey into the origins of the kaiju, while Skull Island proved that these monsters could work in animated form as well. There is one question casting a shadow even larger than Kong himself, though: will Netflix renew Skull Island for season two?

As of yet, we don’t have any confirmation one way or another. Series creator Brian Duffield has confirmed that the second season was written and is ready to go. The only hold-up is Netflix – the streamer hasn’t renewed Skull Island season two, despite intense interest from the crew behind the show.

Why the long delay? It can be tough to guess which shows Netflix will renew as they use metrics other than what they use to determine their streaming charts. One of the most important stats they factor in is what percentage of people finished watching the show. The logic is that if you don’t reach the last episode of season one, you’re unlikely to tune in for season two and beyond. Since we don’t know what that figure is for Skull Island, we can’t really guess how it will factor into their decision.

Netflix may also be waiting to see how Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire performs at the box office when it comes out in late March 2024. If it generates significant buzz, it might increase interest in Skull Island season two.

All of this is just speculation, however. Without a confirmation from Netflix one way or another, it is difficult to guess when or if Skull Island season two will be released.

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