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Spice and Wolf: How - and where! - to watch the classic anime ahead of the new revival

Join us for an adventure in basic economic theory with an adorable wolf girl.

2008 Spice and Wolf anime screenshot
Image credit: Toho Animation

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It has been almost 20 years since we last saw Spice & Wolf on our television screens, but that just means that the story is waiting to be discovered by a whole new generation of fans. The story revolves around traveling merchant Lawrence and the bargain he strikes with a disillusioned wolf goddess. Her wisdom helps him increase his profits while he helps her see parts of the world she’s never encountered before.

If you’re coming to the series for the first time and are confused about all the different media in the Spice & Wolf franchise, we’ve got everything you need to know to set out on your next incredible journey.

How to watch Spice & Wolf in chronological order

New spice and wolf anime screenshot
Image credit: Toho Animation

The story of Spice & Wolf plays out primarily in chronological order, but there are a handful of OVAs that were released out of sequence that might trip you up while you’re watching the show. The first of these is the seventh episode of Spice & Wolf’s first season. It began as an unreleased episode that was later included in the DVD release of the anime.

The second OVA takes place between the two seasons but was released as a bonus feature for a Spice & Wolf picture book, though it was eventually included in the second season DVD collection as the first episode of the season.

The chronological watch order for Spice & Wolf is:

  • Spice & Wolf Episodes 1-6
  • Spice & Wolf OVA 1: Wolf and a Tail of Happiness
  • Spice & Wolf Episodes 8-13
  • Spice & Wolf OVA 2: Wolf and Amber Melancholy
  • Spice & Wolf II Episodes 1-12

How to watch Spice & Wolf in release order

Spice and Wolf 2008 series screenshot
Image credit: Toho Animation

The release order for Spice & Wolf is only slightly different to the chronological order thanks to the seventh episode of season one being included in the DVD release but not the original broadcast. Unlike most watch orders, which benefit from sticking to the release order for the show, it is actually better to watch Spice & Wolf in chronological order instead.

The release order for the Spice & Wolf anime is:

  • Spice & Wolf Episodes 1-6
  • Spice & Wolf Episodes 8-13
  • Spice & Wolf OVA 1: Wolf and a Tail of Happiness
  • Spice & Wolf OVA 2: Wolf and Amber Melancholy
  • Spice & Wolf II Episodes 1-12

Where can I watch the Spice & Wolf anime?

Spice and Wolf 2024 Screenshot
Image credit: Toho Animation

Looking to stream the Spice & Wolf anime before the new season airs in April 2024? How you do that will depend entirely on where you live. Fans in the US can watch Spice & Wolf as part of their Crunchyroll subscription, though the streaming giant doesn’t have the second OVA in their library. You can also watch Spice & Wolf on Hulu in the US.

In most countries outside the US, including the UK, you might have to look a bit harder to find Spice & Wolf on streaming services. Your best bet would be to grab it on Amazon Prime. Otherwise, you’ll need to pick up a physical copy of the anime.

Do I need to read the Spice & Wolf light novels?

Spice and Wolf anime promotional image
Image credit: Toho Animation

The first two seasons of Spice & Wolf do a pretty good job of adapting the events of the original light novels, though they only cover a small amount of the story. The anime only adapts the first three volumes and the fifth volume of the light novels – leaving volume four and everything from volume six onwards for the studio to adapt. Considering there are currently 24 volumes in total, that leaves plenty for future seasons to adapt.

Is Spice & Wolf a romance story?

We all need a bit of love in our lives, something that many anime are eager to provide. However, if you’re looking for a dedicated love story, this might not be the show for you. While there are romantic moments between Holo and Lawrence, they are definitely more subtle than in most anime. There is the implication of a romantic relationship between them but it hasn’t come to fruition just yet, either in the anime or the light novels.

What’s next for Spice & Wolf?

Cover image for YouTube videoSpice and Wolf: merchant meets the wise wolf | OFFICIAL TRAILER

After almost 15 years of waiting, fans are finally going to get more Spice & Wolf anime episodes in Spring 2024. A new series titled Spice & Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf is currently in production. It isn’t entirely clear if the anime will be a remake of the first two seasons or if it will be a sequel to them, but simply getting more adventures with Lawrence and Holo is enough to get anime fans excited.

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