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Marvel's Spider-Gwen and the Mary Janes are going on tour this fall

Gwen Stacy and The Mary Janes are on a four-city tour and Gwen's promised no web-slinging. Sure.

Spider-Gwen: On Tour #1 variant cover
Image credit: Elizabeth Torque (Marvel Comics)

Creators across a variety of Marvel comics took to the stage today for the Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con 2023. During the wide-ranging discussion, an announcement came up that had the entire room buzzing: a new Spider-Gwen miniseries is on the way, entitled Spider-Gwen: On Tour.

Women of Marvel panel 2023
Image credit: Marvel Comics

On Tour sees Gwen Stacy and her band, The Mary Janes, touring the country to play gigs in four different cities. Gwen's trying her hardest not to use her secret identity (that's Ghost-Spider in the current comics, by the way), ut keeping the mask in her bag gets difficult when the crew encounters a mysterioouos assassin on their tail.

Spider-Gwen: On Tour features Melissa Flores on scriptwriting duties and Enid Balám on art, plus covers by Elizabeth Torque David Nakayama.

Women of Marvel panel 2023
Image credit: Marvel Comics

This announcement continues what's already been a great year for Spider-Gwen fans. Not only did she return to her starring role in the Spider-Verse film franchise with Into the Spider-Verse, Gwen was headlining another mini, called Shadow Clones, until it wrapped just a few days ago.

And fans won't have to wait long to catch her again. Spider-Gwen: On Tour #1, the first of the four issue mini, comes to comic book shops across the US in December 2023.

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