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Marvel's Spider-Punk is a sell-out, twice over, thanks to his Spider-Verse 2 movie appearance

Unlike in punk rock, selling-out isn't a dirty word in comic books.

Hobie Brown aka Spider-Punk in Across the Spider-Verse without his mask
Image credit: Sony Pictures Animation

Everyone who saw Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse seemed to agree on one thing: Spider-Punk stole every scene he was in. The not-a-role-model turned runway model turned masked vigilante was cool, funny, and undeniably cool whether he had his mask on or off, delivering some of the script’s most memorable lines. Since the movie’s release, it seems people have been eager to see Hobie Brown’s comic book origins, and that has led to a noticeable spike in sales.

Marvel’s Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned, which collects the first five issues of Hobie’s adventures on Earth-138, has flown off the shelves since Across the Spider-Verse introduced the movie-going world to Spider-Punk. Just a few weeks after the film hit theaters, Battle of the Banned’s first print run sold out in July. A second printing was ordered, which promptly sold out in September. A third print run is expected to become available in late October, just in time for that all-important holiday shopping season.

While most punk rockers would scoff at the idea of selling out, Hobie has managed to do it twice in one year. It’s both a testament to how good Across the Spider-Verse was as a movie and just how cool Hobie proved to be. His consistent need to rebel against authority might be the only consistent thing about him. If history repeats itself, we don’t expect Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned to stay available for very long. Hopefully, we’ll get more adventures of Spider-Punk soon since he’s proven to be a strong seller for Marvel.

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