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Star Trek: Discovery finale appears to going for a Fifth Element vibe

Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham is someone I'd happy see going full Bruce Willis/Korben Dallas

Star Trek: Discovery
Image credit: Paramount+

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Grab your Multipass, for it appears the upcoming final season of Star Trek: Discovery has strong Fifth Element vibes - at least from the looks of this new trailer.
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Since we've now come to terms with the decision by Paramount to end Star Trek: Discovery (without telling the cast & crew until after they filmed this season), this second bit of footage from the ending lets us enjoy it for what it is - and it's good.

This Star Trek: Discovery hits on the best of what I liked about the show thusfar, but I can't help but notice some of the key elements of this remind me strongly of Luc Besson's The Fifth Element.

According to quotes from the trailer, "The greatest treasure in the known galaxy" is the McGuffin of the season apparently, and its apparently "one of the greatest powers ever known" and something that could be "Very dangerous in the wrong hands." That, plus the design of the apparent object - or something affiliated with it reminds me of the puzzle-like elements of the Fifth Element's mcguffin, and the chase everyone had to get it.

If so, Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham is someone I'd happy see going full Bruce Willis/Korben Dallas, and I know Doug Jones could do an amazing Ruby Rhod - in or out of the Saru get-up.

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 begins April 4 on Paramount+.

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