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Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard to return in a Star Trek movie of his own

Make it so, Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek: Picard
Image credit: Paramount+

They're going there, boldly.

Sir Patrick Stewart has announced that he is being courted to reprise his role as Jean-Luc Picard one more time; no not for a new season of Picard, but for a feature-film.

“I heard only last night about a [movie] script that is being written, but written specifically with the actor, Patrick [Stewart], to play in it,” Stewart told Josh Horowitz in the third-person on a newly released episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “And I’ve been told to expect to receive it within a week or so. I’m so excited because it sounds like the kind of project where the experimentation that I want to do will be essential for this kind of material. It’s good at 83…”

This podcast episode was said to have been recorded in November 2023, so that would make Picard expecting the script to be in his hands by early December 2023 at the latest.

It's interesting to note that while everyone has pretty much assugned this would be a Picard solo vehicle, it's possible - maybe its the TNG fan in me - that it could be a Star Trek: The Next Generation film, especially given how the Picard series ended earlier this year.

Whatever this is, it would be the third Star Trek movie in development, after Paramount+'s Section 31 film starring Michelle Yeoh, and the long-gestating fourth Star Trek film in the Kelvin timeline - you know, the one with Chris Pine as James T. Kirk.

It's unclear if this new Picard movie is being handled by the TV arm of CBS/Paramount (whose Star Trek shows and possible movies would be on Paramount+) or if its Paramount Pictures, a seperate arm and organization which handle the feature films.

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