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Star Wars blue milk is coming to a outpost near you

We're left with just one burning question - why?

Luke drinking blue milk
Image credit: Lucasfilm

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The world of Star Wars is full of memorable sights and sounds, but what about the tastes? What does the ration stick that Luke gives Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back taste like? What is the flavor of those eggs Grogu decimated in The Mandalorian? Would we like the taste of the blue milk Luke is seen drinking in A New Hope? We’ll find out the answer to one of those questions in a few weeks whether we want to or not.

Lucasfilm has announced that, contrary to all logic and reason, there is a market for blue milk and they want to corner it. As part of their Imperial March celebration of villainy, they announced on March 21, 2024 that they would be teaming with Dairy Farmers of America to produce Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk, available to purchase on April 17. The press release didn’t include where you can purchase this baffling product but we’re guessing it will be available wherever good power converters are sold.

Blue milk image reveal
Image credit: Lucasfilm

Not to be confused with the green milk that Luke is seen chugging while making aggressive eye contact with Rey in The Last Jedi, blue milk featured in the scene where Owen and Beru try to convince Luke not to go see that weird hermit, Ben Kenobi. Mark Hamill would eventually confirm that blue milk tasted “warm, sweet, and oily” but the modern variety is being advertised as vanilla flavor. Because when we think blue, we think vanilla.

You might wonder why Lucasfilm is releasing Star Wars blue milk as part of a celebration of villainy. After all, it is associated with one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes. However, the release itself is a truly terrible act of villainy because we are unreasonably sure that someone at Popverse is going to have to try this and report back to you, and may the Force truly be with that poor soul.

If you’re so inclined, you too can try Star Wars blue milk when it goes on sale on April 17, 2024.

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