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Stranger Things' Maya Hawke won't give out season 5 spoilers, even to her dad Ethan Hawke

What's a little breach of contract among family?

Robin in Stranger Things season 4
Image credit: Netflix

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Netflix always takes their spoilers very seriously, but they are even more committed to keeping the plot of Stranger Things season five under wraps. That’s why most of the cast doesn’t even know what happens in the final episode. Apparently, their rules about keeping plot details are so strict that Maya Hawke, who has played Robin since season three, can’t even talk about it with her famous father.

Ethan Hawke spoke to People Magazine recently about how proud he is of his daughter’s work on Stranger Things, explaining that he geeks out “with so much joy when I watch Stranger Things.” When the conversation turned to asking him for Stranger Things spoilers, he admitted that hasn’t gotten anything from Maya – though not for lack of trying. “I nudge her for them and she won’t give them up… She says, ‘You’ve got a big mouth.’”

Family trust issues aside, the lack of information about Stranger Things season five is clearly making everyone a little frantic. Even when they are out promoting other projects, actors from the show have been not-so-subtly prodded by journalists looking for plot details or release dates. The same thing happened to Maya Hawke when she recently appeared at C2E2 and we expect it to keep happening until Netflix finally caves and offers up a release date.

Until we get word otherwise, it is safe to assume that Stranger Things season five won’t be out until well into 2025, which will hopefully be enough time to let the entire cast read the script for the final episodes.

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