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Stranger Things will "stick the landing" for the Netflix show's finale, says Deadpool & Wolverine director

Make the last thing we see of the Hawkins kids memorable.

Stranger Things season 4 screenshot
Image credit: Netflix

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Getting the ending right on a story is absolutely key – just ask the folks behind Game of Thrones how important that last impression is. So with nearly a decade of expectations leading into the final season of Stranger Things, it is good to know that the Duffer Brothers are just as focused on delivering a memorable ending as we are.

Deadpool & Wolverine director Shawn Levy, who has directed multiple episodes in each of the previous seasons of Stranger Things, gave a little insight into how fixated the show’s creators were on delivering a satisfying ending to one of Netflix’s tentpole series. “If you look at any episode of Stranger Things,” he told Collider at CinemaCon.

“You can see that the Duffers have always been obsessed with, as they put it, sticking the landing," he continued. "We’ve got to stick the landing of every episode, and we tried to stick the landing with the end of every season. So, you better believe we are all of us devoted to sticking the landing with the series finale.”

With the pandemic and the 2023 Hollywood strikes delaying both season four and season five of Stranger Things, expectations have been growing ever higher for the final chapter of the show. Even though we’re probably well over a year away from Stranger Things season five and not even most of the cast knows how the story will end, it is at least good to know that the Duffers haven’t lost sight of the fact that the final episode is their last chance to cement the show’s place in television history.

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