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Suits watch order: How to watch the show and its spinoffs on Netflix and Peacock

Find out the best way to watch all 130+ episodes of Suits.

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The world of Suits is set to grow even larger in the coming months as its second spin-off series is released. After getting a much-deserved boost in popularity after it landed on Netflix and Peacock in 2023, the legal drama has been given a new lease on life. Whether you’re a new fan wanting to see what all the fuss is about or a long-time fan wanting to get a rewatch in before Suits: L.A. airs.

Our Suits watch order can help you navigate the nine seasons of the main show as well as its first spinoff, Pearson, so that you’re caught up before Suits: L.A. finally makes its debut.

The best order to watch Suits and Pearson in

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Following a man who uses his photographic memory to masquerade as a paralegal in a New York law firm and the various figures who either help, exploit, or try to reveal his fraud to the law firm, Suits was immediately popular on USA Network. It ran for nine seasons and a total of 134 episodes before it ended in 2019.

The good news is that the show is largely told in chronological order, so you’re safe to simply hit play on season one and watch almost all the way through. The only tricky bit comes with the spinoff show Pearson, which takes place alongside Suits’ final season. The two were aired simultaneously in 2019. However, because it ends after a single season and doesn’t have a real resolution, you’re better off watching it before the Suits series finale to avoid ending on an unnecessary cliffhanger.

The best watch order for Suits and Pearson is:

How to watch Suits in release order

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If you want to recreate the experience of watching Suits and Pearson as they both came out, then you’ll need to do a bit of jumping back and forth between the shows. This is because they aired concurrently on USA in 2019. The two legal dramas aired Wednesday on the network for a single season, though Pearson ends with most of its major plot points unresolved.

The release order for Suits is:

  • Suits Season 1
  • Suits Season 2
  • Suits Season 3
  • Suits Season 4
  • Suits Season 5
  • Suits Season 6
  • Suits Season 7 – Note that the backdoor pilot for Pearson takes place in episode 16 of this season of Suits.
  • Suits Season 8
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 1
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 1
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 2
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 2
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 3
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 3
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 4
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 4
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 5
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 5
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 6
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 6
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 7
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 7
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 8
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 8
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 9
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 9
  • Pearson Season 1 Episode 10
  • Suits Season 9 Episode 10

Where to stream Suits

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Since it landed on both Netflix and Peacock in 2023, Suits saw a huge surge in popularity. However, only the first eight seasons of Suits are available on Netflix – to see how the story finally comes to an end, you’ll need to watch the final ten episodes on Peacock.

If you want to complete the experience and watch Pearson on Netflix, you’re out of luck. The Suits spinoff is only available on Peacock.

Why did Suits get cancelled?

Suits ends at the end of season nine, which was the shortest season in the show’s history. That was always the plan, according to an interview with show creator Aaron Korsh. However, those last two seasons certainly feel very different from the previous seven. Going into season seven, they were in the process of renegotiating the contracts for the cast, but not everyone was going to return – Gina Torres was leaving for her own show, Patrick J. Adams decided not to come back, and Meghan Markle went and got married into British royal family.

Despite these cast changes, Suits didn’t really get canceled – the show was always expected to end after a shorter season nine. Pearson, however, was meant to carry the torch for the franchise but was canceled after just one season due to poor ratings.

Why is Suits coming back?

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The good thing about streaming is that it lets more people discover the shows that they love – and it turns out that Netflix subscribers really loved Suits. When they were added to the streamer’s library in 2023, they immediately became one of the site’s most popular shows. It also dominated Peacock, which had the good fortune to have the series finale as well as all ten episodes of the Pearson spinoff.

That surge in popularity led NBCUniversal to start exploring a potential spinoff to Suits, which would eventually be confirmed as Suits: L.A. in December 2023. A pilot was ordered by NBC in February 2024 but the future of the show hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

When is the Suits: L.A. release date?

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Though the news that NBC had ordered a pilot episode of Suits: L.A. seemed to confirm that the show had gotten the green light, the spinoff’s future is far from certain. We’re still waiting for official confirmation about whether NBC will pick the series up, which will depend entirely on if they like what they see in the pilot. After that, we’ll still need to wait a bit longer to find out when the new series will land on TV. An optimistic guess is that it will air as part of the Fall 2024 lineup, but it could be later if issues are revealed with the pilot.

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