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A third Titans comic is coming from DC this summer

Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Donna Troy will feature in the new series

Tales of the Titans
Image credit: DC

Cementing the fact that the Titans have stepped up to become the DCU’s leading superhero team in the 'Dawn of DC' era, DC has announced a new miniseries showcasing Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Donna Troy as solo stars launching this summer. Get ready for the all-new Tales of the Titans.

Modeled after the fan-favorite 1982 miniseries Tales of the New Teen Titans — a four-issue series by Marv Wolfman and George Perez that focused issues on Cyborg, Raven, Changeling/Beast Boy, and Starfire — the new series sees a line-up of creators including Tini Howard, Steve Orlando, Javier Rodriguez, and Ted Brandt & Ro Stein shining a spotlight on some of the most beloved characters in DC canon in rare solo adventures.

The series launches with Tales of the Titans #1 by Shannon and Dean Hale and Javier Rodriguez, focusing on Starfire as she investigates the arrival on Earth of a spaceship that appears to hail from her homeward of Tamraran… but, of course, nothing is what it seems. The second issue by Tini Howard and Eleonara Carlini centers around Raven, with the third by Steve Orlando and Kath Lobo being a Donna Troy story. The final issue, by Andrew Constant, Brandt, and Stein, features Beast Boy.

Each issue of the series will feature a main cover by Titans artist Nicola Scott, with variant covers for the first issue coming from Stanley 'Artgerm' Liu, Javier Rodriguez, Fatima Wajid, and Chris Samnee. (You can see galleries of both Scott's covers for the entire series, and the first issue's variant covers below.) The first issue launches July 18.

Titans, the core book, launches May 16. A second Titans ongoing, World's Finest: Teen Titans, launches July 11.

Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott talk Titans and what it means for the characters to step up to their new position in the DCU right here.