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After more than a decade in development hell, The Crow finally nabs a 2024 release date

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Goths of the world, rejoice! After years in development, the reboot of The Crow franchise is headed to cinemas this summer. In a shakeup at Lionsgate, The Crow is swooping in to take the June 2024 release date that had been held by The Ballerina, the John Wick spin-off starring Ana de Armas and Anjelica Huston.

The Crow has been in development since 2008, with multiple directors and stars attached to the project before Rupert Sanders stepped in behind the camera while Bill Skarsgård, best known for playing Pennywise in the recent It franchise, would be stepping into the role of the vengeful Eric Draven. After close to 16 years in development, The Crow will finally be released in cinemas on June 7, 2024.

Just like the titular character, the franchise is looking to return from the dead with this latest entry. Previously attached to star in the reboot were Jason Mamao, Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, and Jack Huston while Sanders is at least the fifth director to be reportedly involved in the project. Initially, this film was meant to be a grittier, more grounded approach to James O’Barr’s original comic book, but with it passing through so many hands over the years and with no trailer or key art released yet, it is tough to say what the current vision for The Crow is.

The legacy of the franchise is almost as complicated as the film’s journey to cinemas. Brandon Lee, who starred in the 1994 original film, famously died during filming when a prop gun accidentally fired a piece of a bullet at him. That movie went on to achieve cult status and became a sleeper hit, something that none of the subsequent sequels were able to achieve.

We’ll have to wait until June 7 to see if The Crow can pick up where its predecessor left off 30 years earlier.

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