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The first trailer for The Crow reboot shows off plenty of broody, gothic violence

How many times will Bill Skarsgård get stabbed in this movie?

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For many movie fans, 1994’s The Crow was a foundational film. It was an introduction to a world of gory violence and wonderfully stylized gothic imagery, and became an unexpected hit at the box office and a cult classic that still maintains a strong following... So, obviously, fans are expecting a lot from the first trailer for The Crow reboot due out later this year.

The trailer gets a lot of things right regarding what The Crow has always been about. It is a tale of violence and revenge, of love overcoming death itself. All of that is present in this trailer for The Crow reboot. Bill Skarsgård’s take on the character feels more visceral and more grounded than Brandon Lee’s. There is graphic violence throughout – the original film loved throwing people off buildings to avoid gunshots or stabbings, but the remake clearly isn’t afraid to let us get up close and personal with death. Skarsgård spends half the trailer getting stabbed, shot, and suffocated, just to get back up for more. 2024’s The Crow feels more graphic than the original in ways suited to a tale centered around death.

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However, despite getting a lot of the content right, it still doesn’t quite feel like The Crow. Perhaps it is our nostalgia for the latex-heavy goth look of the 90s, but this feels too mundane and gritty to be the same character. The makeup isn't as sharp and the costume isn't as memorable. It isn’t a bad-looking movie by any means, and we’re excited to see a modern take on the film that launched a generation’s obsession with eyeliner, but we’re not sure existing fans will find that it meets their expectations.

The Crow stars Bill Skarsgård, FKA Twigs, and Danny Huston and is due out in cinemas on June 6, 2024.

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