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Batman is heading back to cinemas to fight a new enemy - empty movie theaters

DC's biggest box office success is returning to the movie theaters for Batman Day

Still image from The Dark Knight featuring Batman on his motorcycle
Image credit: Warner Bros

The Dark Knight is gearing up to face his most fearsome enemy yet: empty movie theaters.

As movie theaters are getting ready to struggle with a pretty bleak looking Fall due to the pause in film production following the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, Warner Bros. Pictures is pulling out the big (or should we say Bat?) guns and bringing back Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed box office blockbuster The Dark Knight trilogy for Batman Day celebrations in September. So, more than decade after the trilogy found its conclusion in The Dark Knight Rises, fans can re-visit Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises on the big screen for one day only (and in select theaters) on September 16.

While this Batman Day event is only a 24-hour release, one can imagine that the select movie theaters featuring these screenings are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that at least one day is September is due to bring in plenty of Batman and DC fans excited to see one of the most acclaimed superhero movies ever made on the big screen again... or maybe, considering the movies are over a decade old now, for the very first time.

Hopefully, that Batman driven ticket-selling bump will tide the theaters over (at least a little) until October, when Taylor Swift is poised to save cinemas with her Eras Tour movie. Everyone knows, of course, that cinema-saving heroes come from all walks of life.

Read more about DC's plans for Batman Day this year.

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