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Chris Pratt's Garfield movie isn't in theaters yet, but it already has a streaming home: Netflix

If it doesn't debut on a Monday, they are missing a trick.

The Garfield Movie screenshot
Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

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If you’re a lover of lasagna and a hater of Mondays, have we got the movie for you. The Garfield Movie, starring Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nicholas Hoult, is coming to cinemas in May 2024, but it won’t be your only chance to see everyone’s favorite lazy cat in action. The Garfield Movie is coming to Netflix and other streaming services, but we’ll have to wait a while for that to happen.

Fortunately, we have a pretty good idea of where The Garfield Movie will end up streaming and when thanks to a deal struck in 2021 between Sony and Netflix. As part of that deal, which runs through 2026 and includes movies distributed under the Sony Pictures Releasing banner – which includes The Garfield Movie – Netflix will get to carry the movie in the first instance.

How long that takes is usually around six months after the film’s theatrical debut. If that trend continues with The Garfield Movie, which hits US cinemas on May 24, 2024, then it will be on Netflix around September/October 2024.

What about those who don’t have Netflix subscriptions? Well, you’ll get to have your Garfield fix too, but you have to wait even longer. The same deal that gives Netflix first dibs on any Sony movie’s streaming rights also allows Disney to snatch them up later. This usually happens around 18 months after the movie arrives on Netflix, so it will probably be 2026 before The Garfield movie is available to stream on Disney+ or Hulu.

This is all speculation on our part, based on previous instances of Sony movies arriving on streaming services. If The Garfield Movie does particularly well at the box office, which, as an animated film releasing at the cusp of the summer season, it probably will, then Sony may shift its Netflix debut slightly. We simply have to wait and see.

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