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The Next Generation ISN'T the most popular Star Trek show of all time, according to Popverse fans

Ever boldly into the final frontier of contrarianism, us Star Trek fans

Star Trek
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For nearly 60 years, the Star Trek franchise has plotted a course across the stars and into our hearts and minds in a way no other TV show or movie has. With the final voyage of Star Trek: Discovery currently underway, we thought it time to ask you which of the 12 Star Trek shows was your favorite... And surprisingly (to us at least), the answer wasn't Star Trek: The Next Generation.

With over 1,300 votes tallied to date, the favorite Star Trek show to date is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - soundly beating out its parent The Next Generation, current fan-favorite Strange New Worlds, and even the original series. While I was a fervent fan of DS9 in its original airing (and in syndication on USA Network!), I thought a show with the Enterprise (or, at last, an Enterprise) would win out - but I was wrong, much to my delight.

Coming in second was another surprise: Star Trek: Voyager. Janeway and her crew in some ways have been the outlier in the Star Trek franchise, and for many that's a positive instead of a negative. Between this, Star Trek: Prodigy, and the Lower Decks episode 'Twovix,' could we be in the throes of a full-on Voyager renaissance?

If you find fault in the poll, don't fret: we're keeping the best Star Trek show poll open for some time for you to add your voice to the thousands already voiced to decide which one is your favorite.

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