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Marvel's Timeless #1 introduces powerhouse warriors from a dark future

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, with art by Juann Cabal and a cover by Kael Ngu, the comic promises the debut of two new Marvel heroes.

Image credit: Marvel Comics

It's a battle at the edge of the universe as Marvel returns to its Timeless storyline for a new entry. This time, the book will be written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, with art by Juann Cabal and a cover by Kael Ngu.

The announcement came from Marvel's The Next Big Thing panel at San Diego Comic Con 2023. Presiding over the panel was Marvel's Editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski, and writers Lanzing and Kelly were in attendance along with Nick Lowe and Zeb Wells.

The Timeless one-shot (currently called Timeless #1, the third comic to bear that title) will be set in a dark and distant future. It will introduce two characters into the Marvel Universe, though neither of them is entirely without some history in the comics. The antagonist of the book, the Moon Knight Unending, is a combination of god and machine, sporting Iron Man tech and steeped in the mystic history of Moon Knight.

The second character, billed as the "final living superhero," is our very own Pwer Man, Luke Cage. And wow, has Luke received a serious upgade; the offical Marvel report of the one-shot says that he "wield[s] the unstable powers of the Sentry, the Hulk, and the Iron Fist."

Here's Marvel's announcement in full:

"In a devastating future borne from the choices of today, all of time and space is threatened by the ascension of an ancient evil. The MOON KNIGHT UNENDING has risen - a nightmare borne of StarkTech, the Eternal Machine, and the God of the Moon - and now all of Earth bows before his overwhelming power! But one man stands against Khonshu's coming tide of chaos: POWER MAN, the Marvel Universe's final living superhero. But who is Power Man - and how did he come to wield the unstable powers of the Sentry, the Hulk, and the Iron Fist? What dark, deeply personal conflict underpins this mind bending apocalypse? And at the end of the line, can the Marvel Universe ever truly be saved? Featuring shocking glimpses into the next year of Marvel stories!"

Clearly, its's a story that'll have implications for a wide range of Mavel titles, but as of this writing, no official tie-ins have been confirmed. We'll just have to wait until a nearer (hopefully, better) future for than the one in this book to find out.

Timeless #1 lands in comic shops in December 2023. Check out the full cover of the comic, plus the character designs for Moon Knight Unending and Power Man below.

Image credit: Marvel Comics
Image credit: Marvel Comics
Image credit: Marvel Comics

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