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Meet DC's newest supervillain, Apex Ava

She looks kind of familiar...

Apex Ava - DC
Image credit: DC Comics

If you’ve been following the most recent DC Comics news, you’re probably aware that the Titans are being “recalibrated” to become the publisher’s main team for the ‘Dawn of DC’ initiative. Now, with issue #1 of Beast World out in the wilds, writer Tom Taylor is teasing more about the future of the crossover event, the tangential series, and the DC universe.

We already knew Titans: Beast World would not only tie into the Titans ongoing series, but also connect with Taylor's in-progress Nightwing run. Now, the latter will serve as the launch pad for DC’s newest supervillain: Apex Ava. Check out his post, with art by Sami Basri, on X below:

Any debut of a brand-new character is exciting, especially for readers who’ve been enjoying the publisher’s recent output, but as usual with these massive crossovers, major events and reveals are already being scattered to the four winds. Those who’ve been following these runs of Nightwing and the Titans closely won’t be complaining, but any outsiders who might feel enticed by the crossover event will automatically have more homework to do in order to get the full picture.

One ongoing issue with recent comic book runs and crossover events across Marvel and DC has been that they’re often alienating and difficult to properly follow if you’re more of a casual reader, and Apex Ava’s introduction, as cool as she looks, is another example of ‘the larger plan’ lording over individual storylines. Still, we’re excited to meet her in Nightwing #109 and #110, as Taylor’s work on DC in recent times has been nothing short of spectacular.

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