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Suicide Squad's Vixen, Captain Boomerang, and Deadeye come to Titans: Beast World (and DC's Atlantis)

An exclusive preview of Titans: Beast World Tour Atlantis includes teases of the future for DC's Task Force X

Titans: beast World Tour Atlantis
Image credit: DC
Titans: beast World Tour Atlantis
Image credit: DC

Two major story threads inside the DCU are coverging: the current Titans: Beast World event and the rise of Amanda Waller and a re-invigorated Suicide Squad.

Owing to Titans: Beast World being truly a worldwide event on DC's Earth in January - it's hard to keep humanity being transformed into animal hybrids by a mindless star beast limited by national borders, after all - the event will grow to go underseas with Titans: Beast World Tour Atlantis.

This one-shot anthology features stories spinning out of DC's major event of the moment, Titans: Beast World, and its connections with the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. One of the stories is 'Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water…,' a story featuring the newly-recognized Vixen, Captain Boomerang, and Suicide Squad: Dream Team member Deadeye - who just so happens to be the nephew of Suicide Squad maestro (and DC's secret big bad of 2024) Amanda Waller.

This anthology will also include two other stories: An Arthur Curry Aquaman story by Sina Grace and Riccardo Federici, and a Jackson Hyde Aquaman and Mera story by Meghan Fitzmartin and Maria Laura Sanapo.

The Suicide Squad-adjacent Titans: Beast World Tour Atlantis story (and potential tease of what's coming up in the soon-to-launch Suicide Squad: Dream Team series) is by writer Frank Tieri, artist Valentine DeLandro, colorist Marissa Louise, and letterer Clayton Cowles. Check out this preview, along with the book's three covers:

Titans: Beast World Tour Atlantis goes on sale January 2, 2024.

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