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Todd McFarlane celebrates Spawn’s 30th Anniversary with a SDCC '22 panel

Popverse brings you live coverage from SDCC's Spawn 30th Anniversary Panel

Cropped image of Spawn cover
Image credit: Cates/MacFarlane, Image

30 years after his debut in one of the earliest Image Comics ever published, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is arguably more popular than ever before – something that McFarlane is primed to enjoy during this 30th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

In the wake of the recent launches of King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and The Scorched all becoming Image’s best-selling comics of the 21st century, McFarlane rolls into Comic-Con for what could justifiably be considered a victory lap. The official description of the panel promises that he’ll talk about “comics, toys, Oddkey NFTs, and Hollywood,” but anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of attending a McFarlane panel knows that all bets are off, and everything’s on the table. Buckle in and prepare for a wild ride.

Popverse will be holding on as best we can to liveblog the entire panel from start to finish, so bookmark this page for all the latest, or come back when it’s done to read the whole thing in one sitting.

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