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Wonder Woman's becoming an even bigger deal in the DCU - Tom King explains it all

DC's Tom King comes on Enter the Popverse to talk about his his upcoming Wonder Woman run

Tom King on Enter the Popverse
Image credit: Popverse

Tom King has energized several big superhero franchsies in the past decade: Batman, Supergirl, the Vision, Nightwing, Mister Miracle. And now he's taking that track record to DC's Wonder Woman, as he and artist Daniel Sampere relaunch the DC Comics series this September.

“The whole idea was to make Wonder Woman the center of the DCU, and to make her story the [DC Universe] story. That’s how big we’re going to go,” Tom King said recently at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2023, and we want to know more.

We need to know more. So we're asking him live this Friday on Enter the Popverse - and you can ask as well if you join is on YouTube!

Also on this week's Enter the Popverse, our deputy editor Tiffany Babb will be talking about the recent Marvel x McDonalds partnership for - of all things - a Loki-themed sauce for the Chicken McNuggets.

You can watch this week's Enter the Popverse Friday, August 18 beginning at 1 p.m. EST - or come back later for the full replay.

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