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Wonder Woman is to become the center of the DC Universe, according to series writer Tom King

Tom King says that Wonder Woman's story will be the story of the DC Universe in her upcoming new title

Wonder Woman #2
Image credit: Daniel Sampere (DC)

Writer Tom King has big plans for his upcoming Wonder Woman run, calling it “the biggest book I’ve ever written” — and not just because the series is going to span multiple timelines and include a series of back-up strips written by King set in the future of the DC Universe.

During a raucous Between Two Toms panel at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday — in which King, Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott, and Mitch Gerads held court and riffed on each other for an hour, to the delight of a packed room at the San Diego Convention Center and, almost definitely, building sense of discomfort from DC publicity staff — King said that the upcoming series with artist Daniel Sampere is going to be a big deal for the DCU as a whole.

“The whole idea was to make Wonder Woman the center of the DCU, and to make her story the [DC Universe] story. That’s how big we’re going to go,” he teased.

Part of this plan means that the book is going to literally be bigger than fans might have been expecting, with King also revealing that he’s going to be writing a series of back-up strips for the series, featuring Trinity — Wonder Woman’s daughter, as introduced in June’s Wonder Woman #800 — alongside Jon Kent and Damian Wayne.

Readers got to meet the character — whose non-hero name is Lizzy Prince — in a short story set in the future of the DCU in WW #800, with King revealing that he named the character after his niece (Sorry, everyone who thought that she was named after the wife of Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston; that’s seemingly just a coincidence, albeit a happy one). Joking that he “totally stole the idea from Mitch” — “not the first time,” Gerads shot back with a smile, joking that he also suggested “what if they don’t get married?” in reference to 2018’s controversial Batman #50 — the story will see Lizzy, Jon, and Damian babysitting with, of course, some complications along the way.

King also told the crowd that the addition of Lizzy to the Jon/Damian pairing means that the term “Super Sons” can’t really be used anymore, given that there’s a daughter present now. He said that he’s come up with a new group name that he’s unhappy with, although he wasn’t about to reveal it just yet; when asked, he joked that it’ll be Trinity and the Trin-ettes.

Wonder Woman #1 will be released in September. Here’s everything you need to know about the new series.

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