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For the love of dogs (and tacos!), Tom King and Peter Gross are working on a big book for BOOM! Studios

At the Boom! Studios panel at San Diego Comic Con 2023, King spoke about the project along with Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon

Image credit: BOOM! Studios

Tom King and Peter Gross are working on an as-of-yet untitled comic series for BOOM! Studios, the publisher announced at San Diego Comic Con 2023.

Judging by the art shown at the panel, the comic will have something to do with dogs. And though details on the story are scant, King was at the panel to lovingly describe why he was choosing to work with the publisher.

"The reason it's here at BOOM!," said the Eisner-winning Human Target author, "is because when I was young in my career, Boom does what it always does, which is go to up and coming creators and say, 'We see something in you. We want to give you a chance,' and I never forgot that. At this very con, when nobody would even pay attention to me, BOOM! took me out to get tacos. With Eric Harbor, and he's been checking in on me.

King did joke, however, that the tacos now seem like some sort of "guilt trip" designed to keep the publisher in good standing with him.

Boom's Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon was also at the panel, and elaborated on the partnership.

"We wanted to work with Tom for a really long time," said Gagnon, "as it happens in comics, timing is everything, right? This project came to us; it's everything that I love about comics. It's two creators who are at the top of their field, brilliant creators coming together to tell a story that's very deep and literary. It is something that i think, when you finish it, is going to have the sensation of being a full meal in terms of a brilliant author, telling a story that is obviously very important to him with an illustrator who is just turning in homeruns with every single page.

Gagnon continued with what fans should expect from the book, and it seems like, well, a lot. "This is something that is going to feel like a real special event series for us," he said. "So even though we can't talk about the details of the thing, I highly recommend this book because it's two of the best creators in comics coming together to collaborate on something very, very special.

Moderator Filip Sablik accused Gagnon of teasing for not even revealing a title for the comic."This is such a tease!" he laughed. "It is the teasiest of tease."

King jumped in to also lament the namelessnss of the announcement."The name is cool," he said. "I like the name. They're killing me."

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