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Is Eddie Munson returning for Stranger Things season 5 on Netflix? Joseph Quinn is suitably cagey about it

We know his character died, but... stranger things have happened (We couldn't resist)

Eddie Munson making the devil face
Image credit: Netflix

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Everything to do with Stranger Things season five has been kept under the strictest of secrecy – even from the cast themselves at times. One question that keeps coming up since the Netflix series started filming earlier this year is if we’ll get to see Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson make a return for the fifth and final season. These rumors have persisted enough that the actor got grilled on it while promoting an entirely different project.

When you’re part of a show as big as Stranger Things, you can’t escape it, even when your character gets ripped apart in the Upside Down. Despite his very clear on-screen death in the show's fourth season, Joseph Quinn was asked if Eddie Munson would make an appearance in the upcoming final season of Stranger Things while promoting A Quiet Place: Day One. Surprisingly, he didn’t go as far as to offer a flat denial. When the interviewer for Entertainment Tonight said they had a feeling we’d be seeing the leader of the Hellfire Club again, Quinn replied, “Do you? Do you have a feeling? I might have that feeling too. Or maybe I don’t. Who knows? I don’t know. Who knows? Or maybe I do.”

Despite neither confirming nor denying if he would be in Stranger Things season five, Quinn decided to throw a bit of fuel on the rumor mill by admitting that he would probably be visiting the set to see the cast. “I love those guys. I’d love to come and say hello.” So, if you hear about Joseph Quinn flying to Georgia in the next few weeks, it is just a friendly visit and not him suiting up for one more trip to Hawkins… Or is it? Who knows.

Okay, maybe Quinn knows. Or maybe he doesn't.

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