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A canceled nautical The Game of Thrones prequel is un-canceled according to George R.R. Martin

They landed a Pulitzer winning writer in the process.

Ship fleet in Game of Thrones
Image credit: HBO

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If the second season of House of the Dragon wasn’t enough, HBO is apparently still keen to keep mining George R. R. Martin’s Westeros setting for more content. Following the abysmal reception to the Game of Thrones finale, several of the proposed spin-offs and prequels got shelved. One that has survived appears to be the Ten Thousand Ships show that had thought to have been canceled by HBO but, according to Martin himself, the Game of Thrones prequel series isn’t dead in the water just yet.

It comes following an update on A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R. R. Martin’s blog which said that Eboni Booth is currently hard at work writing the pilot for Ten Thousand Ships. This series would be set 1000 years before Game of Thrones – before even the events of House of the Dragon – and follow Princess Nymeria as she sets sail with her people in search of a new land to call home. She would eventually found the new kingdom of Dorne after making the journey on was essentially a floating city.

About Booth, who has just won a Pulitzer Prize for her play Primary Trust, Martin said, “She’s an amazingly talented young playwright, and a joy to work with; when not writing and producing her prize-winning plays on- and off-Broadway, she has been kept busy by me and HBO, working on a new pilot for Ten Thousand Ships, a Game of Thrones spin-off about Nymeria and the Rhoynar.” He added, “We’re all very excited for this one… though we’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to pay for the 10,000 ships, 300 dragons, and those giant turtles.”

As of yet, HBO has not confirmed or denied the statement by George R. R. Martin about the Game of Thrones spin-off going forward after so long. This could be Martin jumping the gun to announce Ten Thousand Ships is still moving forward but the studio could be too focused on the impending release of House of the Dragon to give it much notice yet. If it is confirmed, Ten Thousand Ships will join A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and Aegon's Conquest in the studio's pipeline.

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