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Why the One Piece arc 'Whole Cake' is Nami voice actor Luci Christian's favorite ever

The One Piece cast had to fight back tears the first time they saw each other after that

Nami crying in One Piece
Image credit: Toei Animation

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There are plenty of emotional moments in One Piece, but they usually happen on the screen and not behind the scenes. However, sometimes the chaos of the real world bleeds into the anime, especially for those who bring those characters to life. For Nami’s voice actor, the COVID-19 pandemic colored her perception of the Whole Cake arc, making it the most memorable arc for her personally.

During the One Piece cast panel at London MCM in May 2024, a fan asked the cast what their favorite arc was – something we have a bit of an opinion on ourselves. Most of the actors cited the Water 7 arc, but Luci Christian explained why Whole Cake stands out to her. “I really loved Whole Cake. That was our pandemic show. We recorded that mostly at home, which was a totally unique experience, but I really enjoyed Whole Cake a lot.”

Sonny Strait, who plays Usopp in the English dub of One Piece, chimed in with another memory from that time period. “And after that we did our first panel together after being at home for so long. It was really hard not to cry through the whole thing. Holding it in was tough. It was like, did I dream you guys? You really are real.”

We all remember what it was like returning to the world after being in isolation for so long, so we definitely get where both Christian and Strait are coming from here. While it doesn’t change our favorite arc in the show, it certainly shows how close the voices behind the Straw Hat pirates have become over the years.

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