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Can't wait for Stranger Things season 5? The London stage play has extended its run to 2025 to tide us over

You might be able to just walk to London and back before the next season comes out

Henry Creel in Stranger Things: The First Shadow
Image credit: Netflix

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Look, we know that the wait for Stranger Things season five is killing us. We’re desperate to know how it ends – and apparently so is the cast – but we’re just going to have to wait a while longer. Netflix won’t be ready to give us the final season of Stranger Things, but, if you can make your way to London, the West End stage play could get you the fix you need.

Stranger Things: The First Shadow began its run in London’s West End in December 2023 and, just like the show that inspired it, has been a massive success. So much so that they are extending its run to February 16, 2025. At this rate, that is probably still going to be before the next season comes out so you’ve got no excuse not to check it out if you have the chance.

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To sweeten the deal, Netflix has released a full trailer for the stage show of Stranger Things, which, as the 'First Shadow' name implies, is a prequel to the events of the Netflix series. It follows Vecna himself before he was Vecna or even 001, back when he was just normal Henry Creel. Except, as fans of the show know, Henry Creel is anything but normal. The trailer shows a lot of the special effects used in the show, which are pretty spectacular for a live show.

You can catch Stranger Things: The First Shadow at the Phoenix Theater in London up through February 16, 2025, which could make for a fun trip to tide you over until Stranger Things season five comes out… well, eventually.

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